A public service announcement from Rio-mun

((Cut for lots of my angry ranting - re: this stupid powerplaying shit that’s been going on for a while.))

((If the idea of your character getting inconvenienced in any way distresses you enough to attempt to subvert everything other players throw at you, even when it makes no fucking sense, I have to wonder why you’re even RPing and not writing fanfiction or something. Because let me tell you, after more of this shit on my dash, I am going to get my rant on.

Look, I’m pretty damn new to RP myself, and one of the things that attracted me to it was the ability to feel like I was a part of a story that everyone was writing together. And stories should be entertaining to read! You know what’s not entertaining? Having an overpowered character who is never inconvenienced in any way, shape or form, who pulls new powers out of nowhere to deal with any and all threats, who can never be hurt - unless it’s for dramatic purposes, and who is automatically better than the other characters at everything, even when it makes no damn sense.

When that shit shows up in fanfic, I backbutton out of it. I can’t backbutton out of this RP, since I’m now a part of it too, so I’m stuck here watching this bullshit unfold on my dash and elsewhere.

And it is bullshit. It is complete and utter bullshit. Heaven forfend your character have to deal with injuries, be proven wrong, or make mistakes that they must change and grow from. No, they must be wrapped up in cotton wool and protected from the mean world of the RP in general (some “badass” right there). All the other characters must coddle them, they must discover new powers (pull them out of their ass, more like) to deal with every possible situation, and the rules of the plot must bend to make sure that they are always the victor in some form or another.

And heaven forfend people dislike your character! No, better go to people OOCly and explain why they should give them a pass! Never mind that even if you tell the muns, our muses won’t know - OOC knowledge does not equal IC knowledge. Never mind that this stuff only comes up when you, the mun, need to get your way and never shows up otherwise. Never mind that telling people how they should react to your character is really shitty behavior! You love them, so clearly, everyone else is obligated to as well! And if they don’t? Well, clearly, the characters - and perhaps the muns - are terrible, and the problem isn’t with you.

And, okay, look - I get being protective of your characters. I do. The characters who populate my writing are like my children. But you have to let children out into the wide world and let them take risks - they will get  absolutely nowhere if you shelter them from everything.

And if you can’t deal with that, if you can’t deal with the idea that this isn’t like the world of fanfic, where you can do as you please because you’re “god” of that universe, if you can’t deal with the idea that not everyone is going to love your character, if you can’t deal with the idea that your character might actually not be served by the plot and have to - heaven forfend - work for shit? Maybe RP is not for you.

This has been a rant. Good day to you.))