Yet another announcement from Rio-mun

[[It’s not cute to kiss someone without their permission.

No, it doesn’t matter if your character has a crush on the other character or is just trying to make them feel better or whatever your ‘justification’ is. The minute they make that sort of contact without permission, they have crossed a line. If you, the mun, are aware of this, great! This is completely IC behavior for some characters, after all. But don’t expect other characters to be totally cool with it, and don’t fucking act like they should be.

Also, to the mun that inspired this rant - this is more or less confirming what I and a few other people have suspected - that you want to play Nice Guy who remolds the ‘bad, fallen girl’ into an ideal little princess that you can romance, even if it means being a creepy, harassing fuck. That - and the fact that you apparently see nothing wrong with this - makes me unbelievably uncomfortable, and I am certainly not the only one here who feels that way. Stop it.]]