((I woke up to some drama on my dash, and while it looks like this shit is resolved, I still want to say something. Thankfully, I know it’ll be the last time.

RP is an organized game of make-believe, and while I haven’t been doing it for long, it’s a ton of fun. That said, pretend or not, your character’s actions do not exist in a vacuum. If you piss off, harass, or even attempt to injure/murder other people ICly, you’re going to get people angry at you ICly. I’m not saying that characters should be obligated to be nice - after all, this sort of thing is totally IC for some muses. Still, that behavior is still going to set others against your character, like it or not. Thankfully, most people are able to understand this, but…

Characters tend to react to a character who mistreats others to such extremes very negatively, just like in real life - it doesn’t mean it’s an attack on you, and it doesn’t mean that you should start harassing them OOCly to make people be nicer to your character, no matter how they’re played. And no, the fact that you say that your character is heroic (all evidence to the contrary) or that they’re considered a hero in your writing doesn’t mean shit. Showing > telling, and writing is a different beast than RP… especially if your stories have reality warping itself to make sure that your character never faces consequences for their actions.

Nobody is obligated to turn the RP into your character’s personal hugbox, no matter how much you whine or cry or complain that your feelings are being hurt. (Tip: harassing and threatening other muns OOCly will just make them like you less.) You are not obligated to special treatment from other muns/muses, and neither is your character, no matter what you insist. If you cannot separate IC and OOC enough, let alone be enough of a decent human being to realize that any of this shit isn’t okay, you need to stop RPing and do something that isn’t going to rely on the reactions of other people, because it’s clear you can’t handle it.))